Operatech And Training Courses: Negotiorum Fucina

Operatech participates actively to the event promoted by Adaci association which is at its 4° edition, the event called “NEGOTIORUM FUCINA” will take place in Verona on next June 17/18.

“Negotiorum Fucina” represent the yearly appointment of the buyers communities; during the meeting may be exchanged information, opinions, solutions about themes and problems common to different realities and that may have been faced daily by the different companies, but always with a specific interest in new trends. The meeting develops through panel discussion session targeted on precise themes; Operatech is one of the sponsor of the event, but more is available for all those who wants to know us better and will welcome all interested people during the moment dedicated to “speed-meeting” on June 17th. Find more info at: Adaci Events Planning 

Event Negotiorum Fucina Presentation